Fundamental Questions

Lectures on Calvinism
Abraham Kuyper

Here four mutually dependent fundamental questions arise:

  1. Does Religion exist for the sake of God, or for Man?
  2. Must it operate directly or mediately?
  3. Can it remain partial in its operations or has it to embrace the whole of our personal being and existence?
  4. Can it bear a normal, or must it reveal an abnormal, i.e., a soteriological character?

To these four questions Calvinism answers:

  1. Man’s religion ought to be not egotistical, and for man, but ideal, for the sake of God.
  2. It has to operate not mediately, by human interposition, but directly from the heart.
  3. It may not remain partial, as running alongside of life, but must lay hold upon our whole existence.
  4. Its character should be soteriological, i.e., it should spring, not from our fallen nature, but from the new man, restored by palingenesis to his original standard.

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